Your cargo may experience contingencies in its transportation at any time, so you must rely on a solutions-driven team to avoid disruptions to your supply chain.

When passenger flights began to be canceled as a measure to curb COVID-19, industries and the logistics teams started facing one of their biggest challenges in history. Although cargo flights have not been affected, international transport of merchandise was impacted.

One of our clients in the automotive sector, a second-tier supplier (Tier 2), market-reference in developing and manufacturing components through machining, metallic and plastic divisions, with a presence in 12 countries, had reserved space on a commercial flight from Guarulhos (GRU – São Paulo – Brazil) to Mexico (MEX), in March 2020, for a 3 tons cargo.

Nevertheless, a day before the programmed flight departure, we were notified that all of the airline’s flights had been suspended.

Your trusted freight forwarder will act fast

In situations like this, the great advantage of having a trusted freight forwarder, like our EP Air team, is that they’ll immediately start searching for alternative solutions.

In today’s story, first we found another commercial airline that operated the same route, daily!

However… it did not have the capacity to move 3t.

Another option we found was flying with a European airline, with a stopover in London (LHR). But the risk of flight suspension also affected operations in Brazil.

The Expedited America do Brasil team, our brand in the South American country, already had the cargo in their hands, with a flight commitment, and the merchandise travelled to LHR strictly as planned.

More suspensions

One day before the departure of the LHR-MEX flight, we received the worst news: all flights from London to Mexico would be canceled. The cargo would remain at LHR with no tentative departure date. The reactivation would be until April and our client’s Tier 1 needed the molds so as not to interrupt its production line. The situation was getting more complicated.

A solutions-driven team

Our teams were relentlessly brainstorming. Searching for other airlines. What if we change airlines through an interline? What if we change destination and add an intermodal solution?

In addition to real-time reporting, our teams coordinated a conference with the client. We shared progresses, we detailed the situation and the alternatives that existed at that time, always focused on providing alternative solutions.

The efforts of several teams united resulted in getting a flight to Mexico that respected the times and commitments agreed with the client at the conference.

“It is a great satisfaction to have achieved a solution for our client, even though this challenge seemed impossible to achieve at some point”, comments Arturo Eslava, Europartners Group leader of Air Import.

Now that the economy is getting reactivated and the number of canceled flights is decreasing each and every day, we want more than ever to be your logistics partner. We want you to have the confidence that your cargo will always reach its destination, safely. Invest time growing your business and leave your logistics to us.

Our teams have the talent and the ability to design customized solutions, both for programmed and critical cargo, always searching for the best alternatives. Contact us and let’s talk about your logistics needs today and in the future.