October 2020 update on international transport routes and modalities.

Markets worldwide are operating in the new normal in different industries. We are by your side to be more than a supplier: we want to be the strategic logistics partner that will enable you to accelerate your business and keep your supply chains working perfectly at a high level of activity, without interruptions or delays.

You will find in this guide quality information about routes and services available from October 1st on.

If you require personalized attention on a specific country, route or mode of transport, our teams are by your side 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. Call us from Mexico at 800 888 EURO (3876) or contact us from anywhere in the world at the following email: info@europartners.com.mx

Air freight

Latin America

We keep regular frequencies on the route Mexico-Brazil-Mexico, with direct flights. We have weekly cargo flight options to Chile, Colombia and Ecuador to and from Mexico.

In charter mode, we can offer you excellent options for the Mexico-Latin America route (except to Venezuela) and on-board courier (OBC) services from/to the Dominican Republic.

North America

We’re covering all the main airports in the United States from or to Mexico.

We are operating OBC services from/to the US regularly; to Canada, we are flying to the US and crossing the border by land.

In charter mode, routes to the US and Canada continue to operate normally on GO-NOW services.

Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)

We’ve guaranteed space by adjusting our weekly consolidated service rate from Germany, handling complete positions and with our own pallets assembly. We also offer air freight solutions from/to the main hubs in Europe, with regular routes and direct services from/to France and Spain.

OBC services increase frequencies and availability each day. We have professionals available to/from Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Czech Republic.


We have full charter services available to the continent and we are offering a consolidated service from Hong Kong, departing twice a week, and options from/to Shanghai, quoted by event.

Cargo flights routes to and from India, Japan and South Korea keep departing on a regular basis. We have OBC services from Asia with direct flights to Mexico (frequencies and availability are limited. Contact us now to book a space!).

Airports situation in Asia, Europe, Middle East, Latin America and North America

Ocean freight

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Good news! Our shipping operations are fully functional. In general, the situation has become more stable and predictable. All over the world, COVID-19 effects are decreasing as the weeks go by. Economies are growing again, driven by the reopening of trade activities and by some fiscal stimulus in most countries.

Latin America

Ports are operating in the new normal. Economic activities in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Chile began in May; Mexico began its recovery in June.

Production remains below the levels managed before the pandemic in all these countries, but Brazil and Colombia are progressing faster than their neighbors. The rally shown into Q3-2020 is expected to lose steam in Q4, as it seems that governments start to decrease fiscal support.

East Coast of South America (ECSA)

Exports projections show they must remain strong in the coming months. Several carriers are announcing surcharges. The space shortage continues to affect the market.

West Coast of South America (WCSA)

Low import volumes are affecting equipment supply and some countries – such as Colombia – now impose a “recovery”: loading into specific warehouses.

Brazil: The problem with lack of spaces on ships continues but operations run quite normally. Shipping companies like COSCO and ONE report no space available until the end of October. We recommend booking two or three weeks in advance. We have pre-bookings available from the port of Santos.

With a presence in the different countries of Latin America, from Europartners we can give you the solution that guarantees that your interests are protected.


South and North India

Due to the rebound in COVID-19 cases, India is positioned as the number 2 country in the world regarding infections, affecting the transport of goods:

  • Exports contracted by 30% due to the slowdown in demand in some sectors such as textiles, automotive and steel.
  • Shipping companies have changed the size of their vessels and their itineraries, which is why there is also a reduction in capacity to match the drop in demand.
  • There is a lack of equipment available, for which it is necessary to reposition equipment from nearby locations, an operation that takes about 10 days.

Golden Week celebrations go from October 1 to 7. The phenomenon of lack of space and high rates is expected to continue all over October.

We are expecting blank sailing announcements. Such is the case of the CMA/Cosco/Evergreen/OOCL/PIL/Yang Ming and Wan Hai alliance:

Blank sailings - october 2020


The low water situation in several areas of the river Rhine has improved, so it is expected that from 9 October the Low Water Surcharge (LOW) may be suspended until further notice.

If the water level of the Rhine River falls again and barge transports are affected, this surcharge could be applied again for both import and export in barges, according to the water level and the surcharges that each shipping company consider.

Project cargo all over the world

In a world of constant changes due to the new normal, the export of heavy machinery to Latin America favorably reactivating. We offer you monthly departures and direct routes from Manzanillo, Lazaro Cardenas and Veracruz.

If you need to import machinery from Spain, Italy, Germany, India and China*, we offer you quarterly terms and spaces under deck. Write as at projectcargo@europartners.com.mx to learn our frequencies in both LoLo and RoRo options.

* Friendly reminder: we are expecting departure delays due to the Chinese Golden Week.

October 2020 - ports situation Ground freight

North America

LTL services offer wide availability and technology to serve consolidated import and export cargo.

The industrial sector continues to resume operations at lower levels compared to last year, but with visible improvement.

Rates increased in the North American Spot FTL market by 7% (comparative between September 2020 vs. August 2020). Generalized increase in rates reaches 48% if we compare September 2020 with May 2020, reaching a historical maximum in the last five years. Rate inflation is expected to remain possibly until the Q1 2021, mainly influenced by the hurricane season, imbalance between imports and exports, plus the lack of units, although we have observed additional capacity in the market. Carriers are on the lookout for a post-pandemic improvement.

The MEX-US and US-CAN borders remain open and unimpeded regarding land cargo transportation. We continue to offer services in the main Mexican land borders: Laredo, Reynosa/McAllen, Matamoros/Brownsville, El Paso/Juarez, Nogales, Mexicali/Calexico, Tijuana/San Diego.

Laredo continues with a curfew from 10pm to 5am. The other border cities are working regularly, only with delays in crossing for revisions.

Rates van to truckload ratio (FTL cargo waiting for a unit) increased in August to USD5.31. In July they were at USD4.40 and USD0.98 in April 2020.

We’ve noticed some additional volatility in the spot markets due to Union Pacific’s announcement to apply additional charges on volume increases established via contract in rail transportation. It is expected that FFCC cargo will switch to FTL & LTL modalities, involving possible rate increases.

United States: The cargo crossing has been affected only with minimal delays due to health controls and a reduction in lanes due to temporary closures. Afterhours operation for transfers is limited due to curfew.

Canada: Working on the new normal. Only a few precautions are being taken such as greater sanitary control and medical checks at the border, since trade is within the list of essential activities, with priority to the transport of basic goods.

Central America

Each day, more enterprises are reactivating in the new normal in Central America and Mexico, with a good number of units available to export and import in the region.

Rates remain stable, with a good negotiation margin for high volume cargo.

Sanitary filters are maintained in all countries, both for driver access and for loading and unloading goods.

Costa Rica: Starting on September 24, access for international carriers in the country was granted, complying with the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health.

October 2020 - general situation on customs

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