Specialized industries that handle strict lead times always deal with the possibility of a cargo becoming critical. But the ones with strategic partner in logistics get the best alternatives to get their cargo where it needs to be, on time. Read in today’s story how we did it! 

Supply chains’ disruption won’t seem to cease any time soon. We got to the second quarter of 2022 with a war, saturated ports and airports, and extreme weather conditions in many parts of the globe.

Plus, while much of the world progressively eliminates measures to contain covid-19, China is returning cities to lockdown.

With all of that, each of your company’s logistics movements must have a close follow-up, because your programmed cargo may end up needing express transport despite all your efforts.

This is what happened with our customer in today’s success story, an Automotive Tier 1 with a robust global market positioning.

Against the forces of nature

The war between Russia and Ukraine led to the closure of airspace all over Europe. In addition to that, adverse weather conditions in the region also made it difficult to deliver import and export cargo to several parts of the world.

In China, about 20% of flights were cancelled as part of the local government’s zero-covid measures.

Air-freight alternatives became increasingly limited.

Express transport on a Friday

With airport terminals saturated around the world, having a cargo scheduled in advance provides greater certainty that it will arrive on time, right? It usually does. However, in the disruptive world we live in, there are still risks.

Likewise, the closer a reservation is made to the required delivery date, the less leeway we have to act. However, in Europartners, we specialize in time-sensitive cargo, that’s why we can design tailored logistics plans to move your cargo where it should be, at the time you need it.

In this story, the request arrived on a Wednesday.

On Friday, we were informed that it would not be possible to board the cargo on the chosen flight due to congestion problems at the airport in Mexico and lockdowns determined in China.

Immediately, our Time Critical Cargo team took over.

In this type of situation, one of the most efficient options is our Next Flight Out service. A premium express transport solution that meets specific needs with maximum agility.

AIR PRIORITY: The perfect combination of critical cargo solutions

On that same Friday, we presented the alternative, conditions, benefits and results.

Our client was satisfied with the solution. So, we made the reservation on the same night, with the support of our After Hours team.

A few hours later, the cargo was collected.

Before dawn on Saturday, the first-mile carrier already had the Carta Porte bill of lading.

We also anticipate documentation with the airline, to avoid risks with the cutoff of the cargo, in a perfect coordination with our client’s customs agent.

With all paperwork ready for Monday morning review, everything was ready to be shipped.

In the evening, the cargo took off in perfect condition, heading to the connection on Wednesday, to be delivered on Thursday.

The 5 T of auto parts arrived exactly when our client requested, preventing any line stoppages.

Over a map between Mexico and China, we have drawn the first mile on ground freight, from Bajio to Mexico City, then the Air freight route, MEX-FRA-PVG, and the last mile, from Shanghai-North of China. Volume moved: 14 pallets, 5.095,50 kg

Next Flight Out,

premium for its efficiency

Also known as Air Priority or Emergency Solutions – as used by our strategic partner, Lufthansa – our portfolio of Next Flight Out services act fast over situations with a high sense of urgency, with 24/7-365 specialized attention.

When your express transport needs are not enough for an air charter or exceeds the scope of the hand carry service, Next Flight Out offers dramatic advantages even if the movement needs connection.

In today’s story, the cargo had to be transferred to another aircraft in Frankfurt, Germany (FRA). The movement was orchestrated with the support of a special unit, which enables all pallets to be moved in a single action and have priority entry to the plane, from and to specific positions.

All impeccably coordinated. With no failures in logistics, such as a no-show risk (in a no-show situation in premium services, 100% of the fee must be paid anyway).

On the other hand, premium services offer the advantage of risk balancing: the airline also agrees to accept a penalty if they do not fly as scheduled.

Europartners Group,

your best partner against line stoppages

Every day, your supply chain is threatened by new disruptions, from different sources.

To avoid fines or even the risk of losing customers, you need more than a freight forwarder. You need a strategic partner in logistics.

That ally is Europartners Group.

Contact us right now to talk about your needs in programmed cargo or express transport.

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