Reading time: 2 minutes. Get to know our OBC service global coverage, the largest in the world!

Over the draw of an on-board courier, it's written check our OBC service in a glance, Europartners Group logo and a button you can click on to see the full infographic of the service.

The on-board courier (OBC) service is the ideal time critical cargo solution for companies that need to move cargo quickly, from documents to five boxes totaling 120 kilos (or even a little more, depending on flight availability and if pay the extra freight fees).

At Europartners Group, we have an exclusive network of professional, experienced couriers who work under our high-quality standards to give you security, agility in service, competitive prices and the best global coverage, consolidated in the market and constantly expanding.

You can visualize our worldwide coverage below:

Courier service in North America

A list of cities in North America

OBC service in Europe

A list of cities in Europe

OBC service in Asia & Oceania

A list of cities in Asia and Oceania

And, in South America, rely on our specialized on-board courier service in Brazil.

Watch below a very amusing example of the service quality we have to offer you with Europartners Group exclusive on-board courier network!