When our OTR and project cargo teams join forces, we can move even a whole water plant!

Water. About 70% percent of our planet’s surface is water-covered. But then, how come do we hear each day that it is becoming a scarce resource? The answer is: 97.5% is saltwater!

While humanity does not develop definitive methods to turn seawater into freshwater, we only have 2.5% of water left; however… almost 70% of it cannot be consumed either, as it is found in nature in the form of glaciers, snow or ice.

Connecting minds to move to world towards a sustainable future

Before reaching the extreme reality of Mad Max movies, some big companies around the world are working hard to offer sustainable alternatives so we don’t run out of clean water.

One of them is Ecosistra, “a company 100% Mexican specialized in designing, supplying, installing and commissioning comprehensive water treatment systems”.

Hand in hand with Europartners Group, the challenge to our over the road team (OTR) in charge of the Mexico and Central America (CAM) regions was to move a complete water treatment unit from Mexico City to Guatemala City!

Teaming up is a key to success

In today’s story, our OTR-CAM team joined forces with our equally excellent project cargo team to move an structure quite important to the sustainability of the two countries. The unit is serving the Guatemalan headquarters of the largest bottler of Coca-Cola products in the world.

To cross the 900 miles that separate the two cities, the entire plant was divided into nine shipments. With the support of our sales team, the client also got a very interesting rate.

Shipping to Guatemala, with all the export, import and other necessary procedures, took between seven and 15 days, depending on the size of the cargo and the vehicle used.

Do you have a local (or global!) project and need support to design the best logistics solution? Contact us. We have ground freight and project cargo options, as in our history today, but we can also offer air and ocean alternatives, besides being leaders in critical cargo in the Americas.

Fun facts
  • As a measure to protect the carrier market, cargo vehicles with Mexican plates cannot transit through Central America. Thus, our partner in Guatemala sent us each of the vehicles mentioned in our history today to Mexico City for cargo and transportation to Guatemala City, with our logistics developer advising all the way.
  • Besides the Mad Max films, the documentaries “H2Omx” and “The Power of Clean Water” are also quite interesting works on the subject of water scarcity.