Reading time: 2 minutes. When an Automotive Tier 1 had issues with their customs agent and faced unexpected changes to its supply chain, our EP Automotive and time-sensitive cargo teams joined forces to act quickly.

In just-in-sequence production lines, a flaw in any part of the process can grow into a snowball, with severe consequences for the supply chain. Also, under pressure, other failures can occur before the product is delivered!

In our story today, an Automotive Tier 1 company, that supplies car seats to a major electric vehicle OEM, had problems to comply with the delivery times agreed. First, they tried to compensate, speeding their deliveries, but then they had to face challenges with their assigned customs agent.

The solution

Working really under pressure after so many unexpected changes, the company reached out to Europartners Group EP Automotive team, who dedicated immediate attention to the request with great ability to react quickly, with time-sensitive and multimodal service options.

The client’s requirement – guaranteeing the timely delivery of six pallets per day to the OEM in Fremont (CA-USA) from San Luis Potosí (Mexico), for seven consecutive days, with a maximum daily transit time of 10 hours.

6 pallets, different routes

Air freight solutions were the most indicated in a situation like this, but this time, it was necessary to add a hotshot service (expedited ground freight) to one of the routes specially designed for this operation, also guaranteeing the agility of customs services.

Likewise, among the available air freight options, the air charter was the most suitable alternative to get the cargo in a timely manner to the OEM in California.

With joined efforts, sensibility to understand our client’s daily necessities and the ability to design tailor-made solutions, the cargo was smoothly delivered to the OEM on time, avoiding penalties for the Tier and line disruptions on the OEM.

Some days, it was necessary to move more than six pallets a day. Part of our teams’ efficiency is our capacity to be flexible, adapting our solutions to sudden necessities.

Shipment final data: 54 pallets!

Are you under pressure? Do you need immediate attention to the logistics needs of your supply chain in the automotive sector? Rely on our EP Automotive and time-sensitive operations teams. We are here to solve your immediate needs, working to be your strategic logistics ally 24-7/365.

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