Our expert logistics’ advisors, who dedicate personalized attention to all our clients, can say exactly when it is better to leave for tomorrow something that could be more expensive today!

How many times in your life have you heard that it is better to leave for tomorrow something that could be done today?

No, you haven’t read it wrong. Popular saying tells us to do it today; nevertheless, our market experience shows us that sometimes it is indeed better to leave something for tomorrow, if it means extra costs related to extra hours your staff must work, or even food expenses.

This is what happened to La Casa Colorada (Juan N. Kawas & Cia. Sucs. S.A.), a traditional Honduras importer, that brings to the country the best wines and liquor from countries such as France, Italy, Germany and Chile for over 110 years. Today, they rely on Europartners Group for door to door services on Ocean and Ground freights.

Our Europartners Group’s talent who is La Casa Colorada’s key account manager identified that the company could lose money with a same-day delivery, and in a few seconds came up with a good idea to save money.

La Casa Colorada could end up paying up to 400% more if they had decided to ship their wines on a Friday night!

“I can’t express how grateful I am!”,

Juan Kawas, La Casa Colorada.

In Europartners Group, we know our business. Ours and yours, too. Our teams are prepared to handle your supply chain with the same care we would dedicate to a rare champagne or a crystal glass. Your success is our success, and your savings are our reward.

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