An automotive Tier 1 in Mexico achieved what large OEMs couldn’t: not running out of microchips. However, it had to find a strategic partner in logistics that would guarantee the safety of the material and its delivery on time.

A few weeks ago, we discussed in another article the great supply chain global crisis, catalyzed by the shortage of semiconductors and microchips.

Some companies, such as the Tier 1 in today’s history, a global leader in technologies for the automotive sector, managed to escape the semiconductors shortage with the support of their supplier of this input (its Tier 2), which never stopped sending the material, following their contract to the letter.

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With the supply guaranteed, the next challenge of the Tier 1 was to ensure the perfect handling of this valuable cargo, without any damages and perfectly meeting delivery times to keep its supply chain flowing smoothly.

From Europartners Group, we have the expertise to handle high-tech products, even microchips that use batteries and require special permits for their transport.

That enabled us to take care of the import of semiconductors to the Tier 1 plant in the Mexican state of Nuevo León and the export of the products manufactured by the company to its customers in Germany.

Over a map, you can see the details of our services: Import: Air freight: Hong Kong (HKG) –Mexico City (MEX) Ground freight: Mexico City to Nuevo Leon, Export: Ground freight: Nuevo Leon – Mexico City Air freight: MEX – FRA , Incoterm FCA

After we delivered everything in a timely manner, we gained the confidence of the Tier 1 in May 2020, at the peak of the quarter most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, and we got to coordinate between five and six shipments every month since then, with that very special cargo, usually between 65 to 150 kg.

To guarantee spaces and perfect safety of the material, semiconductor cargo is imported into Mexico using premium air services.

By the way, with the trust they placed in us to be their best strategic partner for their logistics, from July 2021 the Tier 1 also assigned Europartners Group the export of the parts they manufacture to Frankfurt, which we execute through our Air priority service, to meet specific delivery times and detailed coordination requirements.

AIR PRIORITY: The perfect combination of critical cargo solutions

From the hands of our experts in the automotive industry, about half Ton of this world-class Tier 1 auto parts reach their customers in Germany through Frankfurt Airport, in scheduled shipments every two or three weeks.

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In this type of movements, having a strategic partner in logistics is essential to avoid semiconductors shortage and other risks. You must find a partner that gives you confidence, transparency and a high level of communication, ensuring agile reaction, design of alternatives and execution of the plan decided with you. You can find that partner in Europartners Group.

How can Europartners Group help you overcome the semiconductor shortage?

With a vertical dedicated to the automotive industry, we have the expertise, the experience and great negotiation power with the main carriers to coordinate extremely valuable freight, with highly detailed technical transport specificities, within the period determined by our customers.

Hand in hand with our teams, you can count on:

  • Solutions tailored to your needs,
  • Excellent customer service,
  • 24-7/365 service with after-hours teams, control towers and follow-up technologies,
  • Custom SOPs,
  • QBRs for accountability and continuous improvement of our services.

Also get to know our Key Account Manager (KAM) and In-house services.

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Over the picture of a microchip, it's written: FUN FACT A 60 kg cargo of microchips can cost almost half a million dollars, without transportation costs.