Logistics intelligence is paramount when it is urgent to deliver security equipment smoothly and in a timely manner.

The state of Guanajuato, in the heart of Mexico, stands out in the history of the country for being the cradle of the country’s independence. Nowadays, it is noticeable for the beauty of its cities, its dynamic economy and for sheltering the Command, Control, Computing, Communications and Contact Center (C5), the federal government’s technological security intelligence agency.

One of its main tasks is video monitoring. What was just science fiction until quite recently, today is plain reality: highly technological equipment, such as cameras capable of automatically recognizing vehicle plates that go at high speed are in action in C5, identifying the brand of any detected vehicle and recognizing the state or country of origin of the plates read.

An experienced logistics professional makes all the difference

In today’s story, our mission was to transport 15 of these security cameras –with their accessory kits and installation and connection manuals– from Montreal (Quebec, Canada) to Guanajuato.

On regular days, the shipment could have been sent by parcel or in a passenger flight. Nevertheless, it was COVID-19 contingency time. The service was saturated, and the cargo could take up to 15 days to get to Guanajuato, or it could get stuck at origin due to the high demand affecting the usual routes.

The solution especially designed for our client –one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electronic security technology– was unconventional, but an experienced logistics operator knows how to find tailor-made alternative solutions. Thus, the cargo was sent by air priority and it took just five days to be securely delivered at its destination.

It departed on a Friday, and it was a holiday! Even though, our solution was to send the cargo from Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, in Montreal (YUL), to Mexico City International Airport (MEX), with strategic layovers at Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ ) and at Atatürk International Airport (ISL), in Istanbul!

We are a freight forwarder with more than 70 offices worldwide, a large network of strategic partners (such as the best airlines) and logistics experts capable of developing an unconventional solution, which managed to meet our client’s needs, delivering this project on time to the Mexican government.

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