Supported by our network of international partners, we’ve coordinated the shipping of a very special critical cargo to Europe.

Romania is a country with 19.5 million people located just in the crossing between central, east and southeast Europe. Unfortunately, almost 2,000 people were infected by the COVID-19 by the end of march.

The good news is that, among all the people that had tested positive, 180 were declared cured and released from hospitals in Timisoara, Bucharest, Iași, Craiova, Constanța and Cluj. To be part and parcel of the efforts to increase the positive statistics, a company in the historical regions of Transylvania acquired three air ventilators for artificial breathing from a distributor in Mexico State.

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The transportation request was made to Cargo Partner, a company member of our international network of logistics agents.

The situation was critical. The equipment should be shipped as fast as possible. Cargo Partner contacted our critical cargo team in Mexico and, to take care of the shipment from Mexico City (MEX) to Frankfurt (FRA), our Air Priority team was attentive to every last detail.

The three respirators were dispatched in the night of March 26 to March 27, to arrive the same day in Germany. As part of the meticulous work of our critical cargo experts at Europartners Group, the 130kg of equipment was better packed on the pallets, to arrive impeccably at its final destination.

In addition, we also managed customs operations, registering the customs agent of the company –who could only dispatch through another city– and providing all the necessary advice so that the procedures came out perfect, with the cargo very well classified.

Shipping particulars
  • Three ventilators for breathing support, monitoring and treatment of pediatric and adult patients.
  • 130kg general healthcare critical cargo.
  • MEX-FRA same day delivery, by Air Priority.
  • Next day door-to-door service (State of Mexico to Transylvania).

This is one more shipping with which we hope to help some victims of the COVID-19 to recover as soon as possible. At Europartners Group, we #StayHome for the safety of our teams, partners, suppliers and customers, but we continue to provide everyone with the attention that distinguishes us in the logistics market.

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