Our teams in Colombia and Mexico had to join forces to resolve a situation with the cargo already at the airport.

According to the Incoterm® Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) the importer is responsible for unloading the purchased merchandise.

Nevertheless, it is the seller who must take care of the import clearance, the procedures and taxes to nationalize the merchandise and also the delivery to the place determined by the buyer.

In today’s story, our client, a systems engineering company exporting ticket machines, got lost in the details of the negotiation and discovered that the importer did not have a license to nationalize… when the merchandise was already at Mexico City’s airport (MEX), arriving from Medellin (MDE).

600 experts on your side

At Europartners Group, we have more than 70 own offices in 19 countries. In Mexico, we are in 29 cities. In Colombia, we have experts in Medellin, Bogota and Cali. We are all one same team – this makes a big difference in adverse situations during international transport, as in this case.

With the merchandise stuck at MEX, the client asked our operations teams in Medellin for help. They immediately began to coordinate efforts with our Mexican peers.

Another advantage of having an experienced freight forwarder on you side is having at your disposal several networks of providers. That enables us to design options that meet your times, budgets, or act with the necessary agility in case of emergencies.


The solution found was to get a marketer, a company certified by the Mexican Tax Administration Service (SAT), with an importer register for specific sectors, licensed to process import requests from other companies.

As our client had not had this expense in mind when they arranged transport between countries, our teams also worked hard to find an efficient service available, offering the best rate.


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