When a company producing antibacterial lids was at risk of running out of raw materials, we had to act quickly and intelligently.

Throughout the entire contingency to curb COVID-19, the healthcare industry couldn’t stop. Besides worrying about their own employees, they had one more challenge: not running out of raw materials.

This was the concern of our client in today’s story, which produces antibacterial gel container lids from Querétaro, in the heart of Mexico.

One of its main suppliers of basic plastic for making the lids is in Italy, which at that time was beginning to take drastic quarantine measures.

The time differences

Besides the need for a freight forwarder capable of solving critical cargo projects –as this one in eastern Italy– the company needed a 24/7 dedicated team. We are seven hours apart.

The urgency was finding a tailor-made solution to book spaces departing to Mexico. The client was apprehensive. The news from some parts of Italy became more and more alarming. Cargo transportation was already affected.

Initially, the project was to bring two containers from Italy to Mexico in the Incoterm® FCA. The closest port was Naples; however, our expert teams found an earlier possibility from Livorno, using an additional dedicated collection service. The first cargo, a 20-foot dry-cargo full container (FCL) with 3.7ton, left the country on late February.

Pleased with the service, the customer requested more moves. While the supplier in Italy was preparing more merchandise for shipping, our trusted agent in the country was on top of all shared information. Uniting efforts with our teams, we finally managed to schedule the following departures from Naples, avoiding costs with the dedicated collection service, to enable our client to save money.

At Europartners Group, we work not only to find the best alternatives, but also to give you options of times and rates!

Our excellent relationship with extremely reliable shipping companies and our experts in maritime import managed to guarantee an agile and robust solution for the cargo, before the plants in Italy were closed. In total, we moved 11 containers.

When the cargo was in transit to Veracruz – where we also managed the ground freight movement to Querétaro – it was monitored, non-stop. The client was aware of every success, even in Mexico’s early hours. Every document, reservation and booking confirmed was informed in real time. Every week, we provided our client a consolidated report.

Down to the last detail

Seven days before each 21-day movement, our teams started working on the arrival procedures, such as listing the expenses to be covered, positioning ground transportation on arrival, and contacting the customs agent responsible for the import clearance.

Everything was ready to get going between 24 and 72 hours upon arrival, and delivered the next day, at 8am. There were no delays. The client quite satisfied and, in the end, we managed to transport the load of 11 containers in six ocean freight movements.

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