When a Tier 1 in the Bajío area must deliver products on time to an OEM in the South and North Carolinas, they need an expert freight forwarder on their side.

The just-in-time philosophy is an industrial production system developed by Toyota in Japan, in the 1980s. Its main characteristic is the search for cost efficiency by eliminating stocks and activities that do not add value to the product.

In this system, every time the production line needs an input, the logistics team must ensure that it arrives on the production line just in time it is going to be used to complete a process.

If, on the one hand, just-in-time processes enables companies to be more flexibility when elaborating a product and to experience less losses with parts that can become obsolete during transport, on the other hand, it requires a very high level of trust between the company and its suppliers. Additionally, they must rely on superb logistics processes to avoid disruptions on the production line.

A Tier 1 under pressure

To distinct over competitor and become a supplier to one of the largest original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the home appliance hi-tech sector is a great satisfaction and a huge responsibility for a Tier 1 company.

Our client in today’s story is a company that manufactures aluminum and plastic parts for household appliances. It works directly with the two largest global OEMs in the sector.

Over the course of two months, he needed to deliver urgently washing machine trims directly from his production line to his OEM customer production line, that works on a just-in-time system and cannot stop.

The critical cargo project started with a hand carry movement. The OBCs travelled with four boxes, with an approximate of 100cm and weighing 10kg each.

The logistics was planned with a route departing from Bajio Airport (BJX) arriving in Charlotte (CLT), in North Carolina. The material was delivered exactly within the time established by the client.

It was a challenge.

The requests became more demanding. One of the movements required us to transport 50 boxes.

In the course of two months, In the two months, we transported 250 boxes, with the hard work of 48 highly trained on-board couriers.

Usually, departures were mainly through the Bajio (BJX) and Queretaro (QRO) airports, always arriving at Greenville (GSP) and CLT.

Nevertheless, when a passenger flight presents a problem in its itinerary, you need a team monitoring 24/7 all the way, capable of solving any adversity as fast as possible, so that none of the stakeholders faced line stops.

Pleased with our service, we became today’s story client trusted freight forwarder and began to make constant movements, and the cargo volumes have been increasing!

Do you need a trustworthy logistics partner to keep your just-in-time processes smooth and stress-free? Contact us now, we have the best solutions for planned or critical cargo.