If you have a team of logistics experts, it can be quite easy.

The most important athletes in the world only fly first class. Stretched legs, gourmet food, VIP attention.

When the athletes are premium racehorses, our Europartners Group teams work hard to deliver similar care.
Our characters today, Sanenus and Memo Daddy, traveled from Santiago de Chile (SCL) to Miami (MIA) with security
and tranquility, under strict control of customs and hygiene regulations.

Our Chilean partner, TriHorse, responsible for the quarantine, and the sanitary and customs requirements for the
export of the horses, contacted Europartners Group around 20 days before the athletes’ journey. That was more
than enough time for our expert teams to find the best airline for the trip, make the reservation and organize all
the operational part on the airport. The technicalities included:

        • getting the transport stall with the airline
        • verifying that the stall was in perfect condition and followed all the necessary specifications for the
          comfort of the horses
        • getting the paperwork to ship the horses’ food
        • organizing the accompaniment of a veterinarian (with a normal travel visa) on board of the cargo plane
        • taking care of the horses for a few hours until boarding, to rest assure that they got on the plane in perfect conditions

The logistics to organize the arrival of the horses at the departure airport is a fundamental part of the operation,
to ensure that the obligatory quarantine is not lost. From the moment of reservation, our Europartners team kept
our client 24 hours a day of the scheduled flight departure times and any changes.

Europartners Chile has 12 years of experience taking care of the international logistics of live animals and perishable
goods, with capacity of reaction 24/7. “The trust that the market has in us and our transparency in negotiations have
enabled us with the possibility of transporting these horses,” says Ignacio Meyer, manager of air operations for
EP FRESH at Europartners Chile.

“The animals got in Miami in excellent shape! Our partner was very satisfied and has already sent us an order to
transport three more horses,” reveals Denis Hidalgo, Europartners Chile manager.

Fun facts:

        • The plane used for transportation was a Boeing 767 Cargo Plane.
        • The SCL-MIA flight lasts 8 hours.
        • To transport horses, the negotiation with the airline is for volume and position on the plane.
        • You cannot transport horses in passenger planes, only in cargo planes.
        • In our history today, due to a delay in the flight that would bring the stall from U.S., the airline had to get another
          one in Argentina.
        • The vet who accompanies the horses on the trip checks them several times during the flight, to check if the cabin pressurization
          is ok, if they have food, water, if they are breathing normally and if they are not agitated.
        • The final destination of the horses in our history is Los Angeles (USA), but Miami is the most frequent entry point,
          as it has a more accessible and efficient mandatory entry quarantine station into the United States.
        • You can see Sanenus and Memo Daddy’s arrival in Miami here.

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