Online or on-site, dedicated customer support – and understanding their most specific logistics needs – make all the difference when a business needs critical cargo services.

The pandemic and the development of new communication and supply chain management technologies have profoundly changed the relationship between logistics service providers and companies with -time-sensitive needs related to international transport.

Do you agree with the statement above?

Our business coordinator from Coahuila (northern Mexico), Karen Chavez, bets that the great differential of Europartners Group’s relationship with a great Tier 1 in the Automotive Sector is being available and close to the customer.

“We are sensitive to our customers’ times, from the first quoting to the execution of the selected logistics solutions,” says Karen. “We are always in contact by any means, from face-to-face visits to communication via chat – any means we can meet their requirements faster,” she explains.

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About our client:

In the four technology domains of vehicle motion control, this Tier 1 offers comprehensive product and software solutions for established vehicle manufacturers and emerging mobility and transport service providers.

What was our client’s logistic need?

When a supplier (Tier 2) was delayed, timely deliveries to customers (Original Equipment Manufacturers – OEM) were at risk.

It was necessary to get the inputs on time to manufacture the products that should be delivered to large OEMs – and fulfilling the promises of delivery dates.

What was the solution?

We took the operations team to meet our client’s service expectations.

If the distances between the routes made it impossible to use ground expedited solutions (ground expedited and hotshots), the delivery times did not match the available offer of Air Priority services.

So, the solution was designing a customized plan, involving hand carry logistics services (on-board courier) transporting the supplies for 10 days. Five dedicated charter flights in a week, to ensure timely deliveries to their customers, were used, too.

hand-carry-logistic-europartners-ZF map

Why should you choose Europartners Group’s hand carry logistics services

“From the first contact, we made ourselves available to our client to sit face to face, present our structure, our services available – mainly critical cargo, such as hand carry logistics – and show them how we could be an ally to their supply chain,” says Karen Chavez.

At Europartners Group, we work to be more than a freight forwarder – we want to be the best strategic partners in logistics for our customers.

We’ve got a local presence in more than 70 cities around the world – mainly in the Americas, from Canada to Argentina. Our experimented teams are available to work online or on-site, always fast, friendly and dedicated, as established by our brand promise.

“For me, personally, it’s very important to connect minds with the customer, beyond just one sale,” says Karen. “The most important thing is that they see our work, our proactivity and that they can trust us, that we are a reliable supplier.”

“If they call me, I’ll answer. If they invite me to the plant, I’ll be there,” Karen affirms. “Technology allowed us to do almost everything remotely, to send me a message informing me that they have an urgency. However, we also lost a more direct deal with the client. Sometimes they feel inhibited to communicate at any time of the day, and that keeps us from acting more agile, efficiently, and finding more alternatives. ”

That more direct deal helped us climb more notches in the relationship with our client, in less than a year from prospecting.

After solving the challenge presented using air charters and hand carry logistics services, we are also participating in time-sensitive quotes (also known as spot) of routes with other countries, for air import.

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