Offering transportation solutions for time-sensitive cargo, Europartners Ecuador differentiates in the local market as the “ambassador of the Mexico route”.

The food and beverage is the most representative industry in Ecuador, with “a share of 6.7% (2018) in total GDP and 38% in relation to the national manufacturing industry” and a constantly positive evolution of the sector since 2008, according to data from the Spanish government.

This industry plays a prominent role in Ecuador’s commercial relationship with Mexico, since the three main sectors of the Mexican economy in relation to exports to Ecuador are in the food and beverages branch:

Mexico’s data sheet 2020, PRO ECUADOR.
Source: Mexico’s data sheet 2020, PRO ECUADOR. Numbers in thousands of United States dollars (USD).

To collaborate with the economic development of the sector, Europartners Ecuador is dedicated to offering logistics solutions that comply 100% with the expectations of Ecuadorian companies that import supplies, utensils and spare parts to maintain the production chains of the food and beverage sector.

“We are proud to be considered the ambassadors of the import route from Mexico”, says Christian Drouet, commercial director of Europartners Ecuador. “But we have experience and capacity in import from various other Latin American countries, such as Argentina, Brazil and Peru -as well as from the United States and Europe too- and great potential to be the strategic partner in logistics for many other food and beverage companies“.

Europartners Group has its own offices in 19 countries. We have teams in 54 cities in 16 nations in Latin America and the Caribbean, in 16 cities in North America and another four in Europe.

From Quito and Guayaquil, Europartners Ecuador teams are prepared to provide you with logistics solutions tailored to your needs, in any mode of transport, adjusting to the time and expectations of your requirements.

“Our response chain is immediate. We are the only global freight forwarder with a Mexican parent company in Ecuador and we work to be your main strategic ally, offering the necessary advice and 100% trust on the logistics chain of our clients. In this way, we ensure that differentiating factor within the market and the full fulfillment of your needs”, declares Christian.

Count on us to transport raw materials, supplies, finished products and spare parts for your machinery and the production chain of the food and beverage industry.

We can help you import good from all over the world

At Europartners Group, we collect success stories from our clients. At Europartners Ecuador, for example, we solved the urgency of a local soft drink company to import from Mexico, door to door, 4 thousand soft drink bottle caps –a load of 3 tons– in two days, with full traceability of the entire shipment.

We also have multimodal processes for importing liquors, beers, wines and more:

List of inputs, food products and beverages most imported to Ecuador

Our teams of experts in multimodal logistics and critical cargo around the world are prepared to meet specific needs of the food and beverage industry and many others. Contact us today to find out how we can be your strategic partner and bring the world to Ecuador.

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