Having a trustworthy freight forwarder in your team won’t stop the storm, but will get your cargo there, on time!

Written by: Europartners’ Time Critical Cargo team

Climate change has affected our lives in many ways. We, in the logistics industry, also have had to adapt to storms, hurricanes, snowstorms and other natural phenomena at the most abnormal times of the year.

A team of experts in logistics knows that, to protect the production lines and supply chains of our customers and disrupt its dynamics of distribution due to cancellations or changes in itineraries, we must to have alternatives ready to prevent that external factors such as closed highways and delayed flights put us in trouble.

In today’s story, our client was a first-class manufacturer of household appliances, quite recognized in the international market. The company produces and distributes white goods, and requested a logistics solution to prevent disruptions in its production, in the midst of a heavy snowfall in the Michigan region.

What was the urgent cargo?

To avoid disruptions to the supply chain, we needed to transport 20 boxes with over 600 pounds total weight.

Some of the boxes.

It was a quite complicated operation.

To move cargo using the hand carry service, a maximum of 220 pounds per courier is allowed. Adding a third courier for this operation would make it more expensive and less profitable for our client.

Nevertheless, the agreements that Europartners have with different airlines enabled us to make the move with only two couriers!

Our critical cargo experts could successfully complete the international movement of 20 boxes in less than 12 hours. The cargo arrived on time, the production line was never interrupted, and the customer was very happy!

How did Europartners move the cargo in time from Michigan to Monterrey?

Our great control tower team managed to identify in time that a storm was expected in the Midwest area of the United States. Some flights could be cancelled.

Acting fast & wisely, the team decided to move the material by ground expedited to Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD), where the flight we choose was less likely to be affected by the storm.

This was the view from our grond freight unit!

The weather was getting dreadful. As we forecasted, flights in Detroit were canceled and, additionally, some ground routes to the Chicago airport were also closed.

However, an expert logistics team always has a backup itinerary. Fortunately, in our history, it was not necessary. The unit arrived in time to take flight.

Arriving in Mexico City (MEX), the payment of taxes was made according to the client’s instructions, and the cargo flew to Monterrey (MTY), where it was delivered via ground transportation in Ramos Arizpe, on time and in perfect conditions.

Do you need a critical cargo team working uninterruptedly to prevent disruptions to your supply chain, even in the most adverse weather conditions? Contact us now and always count on us.