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Three days of hectic production, non-stop. All kinds of professionals working frantically, in all shifts, 72 hours in a row, to respect the contracts with the main Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the Automotive Industry. Nevertheless, among all work to be delivered, one of the requests became more urgent than the others.

Cargo details

  • Domestic charter flight inside Mexico, from Matamoros to Puebla.
  • Door to door service.
  • Movement cost: MXP1 million (a little more than USD52 thousand).
  • Merchandise: steering wheels.
  • In total, we moved 405 pallets.
  • Total weight – around 81,000 pounds (200 pounds per pallet).

The situation

A strike. Am organized class action intended to fight for better work conditions. In January 2019, 60 thousand workers from 45 maquiladoras in Matamoros (Tamaulipas state, Mexico) took part in the protests.

There were some successful results: negotiations for improvements to workers in one of the largest security equipment’s suppliers for the automotive industry were fast and efficient.

There were some adverse consequences, too: restless days of work to recover after the hiatus. But, hand in hand with Europartners Group, no client was left without its products.

The solution

Even if the just-in-time is a common strategy in the automotive industry, the urgency here was utmost. A few hours after Tier 2 teams finished a steering wheel, it was already being accommodated in a flight, heading to its destination.

In Europartners Group, we made it possible using all our experience, our expertise designing tailor-made solutions and the high-level relationship we’ve managed to build with our main commercial partners to successfully negotiate flexibility to receive the cargos and preference on the availability of aircrafts and staffs.

In two weeks, the whole critical cargo had been transported, using a total of 19 charter flights. In some of the days, two charter movements were accomplished quite efficiently, one in the morning, the other at night.

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Other fun facts on the movement

  • We also had to face adverse meteorological situations when moving all the merchandise. Torrential rains made everything more difficulty, but since we could trust our Europartners Group teams’ expertise on handling critical cargo, we could successfully move forward and on time for all deliveries.
  • In 90% of the movements were performed using 1-axis trucks. This type of transport can drive up to 12t of merchandise in dry boxes, which is the equivalent to 30m³ or event 10 standard pallets.
  • Nevertheless, no units were available in some of the trips, so we had to send two trucks at the same time, making sure all units were in excellent conditions and with all the equipment and security requirements up-to-date, to guarantee permission to access the factory.
  • Everything was done in accordance with the schedules, even when the merchandise release took 10 hours, due to all the paper work related.

In Europartners Group, we’ve created a multidisciplinary group specially to provide attention to the Automotive Industry. We introduce you EP Automotive. Is your company an automotive Tier 1, Tier 2 or OEM? Contact us to learn how we can be your best ally in logistics!

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