In a medical emergency, you run to an emergency room instead of looking for hospital propaganda in your e-mail, right?

Comparing business dynamics (business-to-business – B2B) with each person’s life is always an interesting exercise.

The scenario we want to show today is an emergency.

If an automotive supplier does not deliver an input on time and this problem results in a line stoppage of an OEM, it may have to pay fines of more than $30,000 – or even lose the contract.

If delivering the input becomes an urgent situation, Tier 1, 2 and 3 must seek for a reliable critical cargo freight forwarder.

A visit to the emergency room

We hope you never had appendicitis.

It starts as an annoying pain in the abdomen, on the right side… and it can end in sepsis.

When the discomfort strikes, fever hits and the pain becomes almost unbearable… no one would think about accessing the corporate email to look for advertisement from doctors, right?

Finding the fastest way to get to a hospital with a trusted emergency room is literally vital here.

A trustworthy specialist in emergency cargo

The same happen with time critical cargo. If a business is at risk because of a product, input – or even heavy machinery – may not arrive on time, it is very unlikely that you would even think about looking for offers in your mailbox.

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Fortunately, no one has more than one appendicitis surgery in life, but in some specialized industries critical cargo is so frequent that it can almost be scheduled.

When someone suspects to be suffering from appendicitis, a GP can recommend the best emergency. Similarly, a trustworthy international critical cargo freight forwarder, such as the Europartners Group, can design solutions tailored to your needs, getting your business out of risk.

With a specialized critical cargo freight forwarder by your side, you’ll avoid solutions like…

  • Panicking because 911 does not answer

No one ever knows what an emergency may occur. That is why part of our teams specialized in critical cargo works afterhours. Also, your company can count on a Key Account Manager, basically a 24/7 specialist and emergency phone operator, at the same time.

  • Why would there be a dermatologist in the operating room?

Dermatologists are essential professionals, but they shouldn’t be the main surgeons in an emergency appendectomy.

In the same way, customs specialists and ocean freight professionals are indispensable for supply chains – but they may not be the best option to design a tailor-made solution for critical shipments.

Therefore, it is important to identify and call the right professional indicated to this urgent need: an international critical cargo freight forwarder.

  • Going bankrupt with the bill

In an operating room, the priority is to save lives, no matter how many resources are used. On the other hand, a critical cargo team will work so that the best alternative offered is less expensive than the fine determined by your client.

  • Sepsis

We just mentioned fines, but it could be even worse: if a cargo is not delivered on time, your client can stop trusting you – or even cancel the contract. A critical cargo specialist will work for the financial health of your company and to maintain your relationships with your customers in good terms.

Does it seem like too much drama?

We hope you never go through an appendicitis – or that you were very well taken care of when it happened to you.

And we want you to know that we are by your side if a cargo becomes critical, as your best strategic partner in logistics, your specialist at hand 24/7. Our business in logistics is giving you peace of mind and the confidence of being able to count on our alternatives, anytime.

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Why should you choose the services of an international critical cargo freight forwarder from Europartners Group?

We are specialists in coordinating delivery times. We can accurately plan shipments with very specific transit times and we are by your side in emergency situations.

Hand in hand with our experienced teams, you can count on:

  • Professionals around the world, available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
  • Emergency desks & control towers at strategic airports.
  • Global coverage of services.
  • You will always have more than one option available.
  • Multimodal plans, whenever necessary.
  • Door-to-door or airport-to-airport services.
  • Personalized, dedicated and specialized attention from an international critical cargo freight forwarder.

Contact us today. We want to be your emergency contact, and we’ll also be there for you to coordinate your programmed cargo. Everything is connected. Connect minds and move the world with us.

Picture of Marilu Arreola, Europartners Group digital and inbound marketing specialist and one of the authors of this article about the importance if a critical cargo freight forwarder. Picture of Luciana Martins, Europartners Group content marketing specialist and one of the authors of this article about the importance if a critical cargo freight forwarder.