If we think about finding the best space, making the reservation, and taking the cargo to the airport… is there be a better option than air freight services?

Without a doubt, selecting air freight services is a faster option, with a shorter transit time than other transport solutions.

And more: you can feel the speed not only in terms of transit times, but also in booking times.

It is possible to book daily departures from the main cities of Europe, North America and Asia, cities that connect with all the main cities of Latin America (Africa and Oceania as well).

Advantages of air freight services over ocean freight transport

Booking and managing ocean freight reservations can get quite complicated.

In addition to the fact that there are no daily departures from each port of origin, the waiting time to access a container space is approximately 3 weeks.

This means that customers that manage a supply chain must consider:


Choosing another transport mode instead of air freight services means a considerable increase in your cargo transit time and in the risks you must manage to keep your supply chain running, since it directly implies:

  • an increase in inventories in your warehouses,
  • an increase in inventories in transit,
  • increased risks of expired inventory and
  • difficulty to react immediately to an unplanned demand.

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Why choosing Europartners Group air freight services can help you get the best transit time?

With 20 years of experience in the global logistics market, we specialize in air freight time-sensitive and urgent solutions.

In addition to multimodal alternatives, we offer comprehensive logistics consulting services and professionals dedicated to your company, with key account managers and in-house solutions.

We also have consolidated air freight services from different parts of the world and an excellent transit time to guarantee you spaces.

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