After 11 years as a Super Company in Mexico, Europartners Group now is Top+ America!

Have you ever dreamed about working in a company with a powerful organizational culture, based on leadership, diversity, inclusion, honesty, social responsibility and more? A company that doesn’t have employees: instead, is dedicated to find and cultivate talents? We, in Europartners Group, commit our days to our clients under those values. And now, we got a Top+ America certificate to reinforce them!

The Top Companies team builds the Top+ America from the answers to a survey carried out directly with each company’s workforce (in our case, with our talents), the organization sociodemographic profile assessment and a report with evidence about its policies, practices and programs.

“The companies rated by their workforces with a minimum of 60/100 become part of the Top+ America raking”, explains Laila Chartuni, Top Companies’ president, in an interview during the official results announcement, on the El Economista magazine (in Spanish).

Europartners México is a Super Company since 2008. Now, we in Europartners Group are Top+ America!

Since our offices in Costa Rica and Chile have already more than 15 talents, we could apply for the continental ranking. And we got it! The Top Companies team interviewed 83 among our +600 talents and we made quite an entrance on the list: we’re #8 in the continent!


The EP Way

By the end of November 2019, we already had own-offices in 18 countries, where we’re investing and valuing the local culture.

“We’re working to be a distinct company, with global values that enable us to compete and stand out internationally –not only in Mexican markets anymore; with a culture that appreciates the differences among our diversity of countries, we know we’ll get to the best of them”, reveals Ms. Daniela Ruiz Ornelas, Europartners Group’s Talent Growth Global Manager.

Other success formula to keep over 600 talents motivated was to establish a flat organizational structure. We left out-of-date management schemes behind, and we don’t have bosses. We develop project leaders: valuable professionals able to guide their teams to prosperity.

We believe in an organizational culture built by design, not consequence. And we work everyday under this belief and the customer centricity commercial philosophy.

“Different authors and distinct methodologies affirm that to take good care of your final customer, first you must take care of your associates,” comments Ms. Aleida Hernandez, from the Europartners Group’s Growth, Engagement & Culture Team.

“So, working hard to be one of the best companies to work for means developing capacities, processes and policies aiming as a goal having satisfied, committed talents, with a red-hot feeling of belonging. This is what really makes everyone here more productive,”, says Ms. Hernandez.

So, “part of our distinctive attributes are valuing our talents, getting to know their dreams and work to achieve them, together. Having them at the core of our organizational culture daily mission,” summons up Ms. Ruiz Ornelas.

It’s a systemic vision: when the company implements our talents’ career plan, we will achieve our professional goals – and dreams! –, and get the motivation we need to make our clients’ global dream a reality.

And this is where our expansion plan starts to make sense. We are expanding to create more opportunities for our clients, all over the world.

“It’s an added value to our customers. They’re looking for a company that can offer the service level they’re seeking to satisfy their international trade needs. They aim to rely on a commercial partner that can understand their business and maintain a high-quality attention, regardless where their cargo comes from or heads to,” Ms. Ruiz Ornelas explains.

2020 Expansion Plan

To make our clients’ global dreams become a reality, we have also designed quite a bold plan: starting 2021 with 120 offices all over the world.

The challenges involved in becoming global are part of a strategic decision; a reaction to the dynamics of a globalized world and to the objectives of a limitless growth.

We need to be constantly developing comprehensive logistics solutions to satisfy the needs of our international clients. We’ve started connecting Mexico to all Americas, then to Europe, and now the world is not enough.

But to reach every corner in the planet, we’ve developed a methodology to consolidate a global team, responsible and able to design and implement a robust strategy for the plan, linking the company’s corporate development to the concept of organic growth.

We are continuously looking for new tools to improve our expansion processes. We listen to our customers and suppliers, learn from other companies and put all that knowledge to practice.

Next steps: dream, think and make

“What follows? Consolidating our global culture,” says Ms. Hernandez. “When we have the culture in a solid ground, our audiences will start to identify and acknowledge it,” explains Ms. Alma Jaimes, Europartners Group’s Culture & Communication coordinator. “They start to understand that if they go to any Europartners Group’s office, they’ll have the same attention. It’s this personal care that distinguishes us,” Ms. Jaimes adds.

Success principles

From its first business day, one of Europartners Group’s guiding principles has been “connecting minds to move the world”. This has become our motor. It is based in three main points:

  • Having the right people in the right positions.
  • We don’t have bosses. We develop leaders that develop other leaders.
  • Our organizational culture is based on values that ensure our talents’ limitless well-being, creativity and growth.

All of that to offer the best service, follow-up and attention to you, our customer. How about dropping by one of our offices to exchange some good ideas on how to make your global dreams a reality? We’ll be waiting for your contact.

Click here to read the complete El Economista story on the Top+ America ranking (in Spanish). You can check it below: