Our brand in Europe scores high marks taking our corporate culture to the next level close to the hearts of Brose Bamberg’s basketball players.

Linkinpartner Europe GmbH, our brand in Germany, is now a sponsor of Brose Bamberg basketball team!

Our logo will be visible on the chest of the players in the games of the easyCredit Basketball Bundesliga and on their trousers in the games in the FIBA Europe Cup.

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“We are delighted that we have been able to gain an international partner as shirt sponsor during the current season,”, states Oliver Hahn, sponsoring/sales Brose Bamberg. “Linkinpartner Europe GmbH, part of the Europartners Group, is a rapidly growing company that fully embraces and embodies our ideas and values. The cooperation promises a lot of exciting projects. Having an international player of this caliber with a high level of commitment at our side is a great sign,” concludes.

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epGroup AutoMobility and Brose Mechatronics, a successful partnership in logistics

In Europartners Group, we understand the complexity of the automotive supply chain, lean manufacturing principles and just-in-time practices, so you can trust our specially designed import and export logistics solutions, from sea freight to Time Critical Cargo solutions, built to meet your needs and requirements, ensuring your cargo is safe and delivered on time.

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Working hard to be the AutoMobility Industry’s best partner in logistics, we’ve cultivated a thriving relationship with Brose, an international organization helping to shape the future of the automobile for over a century.

“At Europartners Group we have decided to position ourselves as a strategic ally of one of the most demanding industries in the world, the Automotive industry,” explains Quentin Margain, epGroup’s sales director. “This has led us to focus our efforts on agility, precision and, of course, teamwork. Same spirit and same qualities that we have found in our business partner Brose with whom we have learned a lot in automotive logistics, in basketball, as a sport in which time is key and where every second can change the trend of the game, we see Brose Bamberg Basketball team as team that seeks excellence within their league (local) and also internationally (global),” says Quentin.

“We are proud to be able to work closely with Brose in their different approaches, be it to be a leading innovation company for our AutoMobility Vertical or to lead a sport team and an entire city of fans to victory, promoting values ​​that we clearly share such as winning culture, promptness, and integrity,” concludes epGroup’s sales director.

Winner’s culture

Dynamic. Flexible. Enthusiast. Fast. Happy Those are some of the adjectives that our talents* use to describe our group, and that we share with a high-level sports team such as Brose Bamberg.

* In Europartners Group, we don’t have employees: we are all talents.


“We identify ourselves with Basketball as a sport since it favors group performance over individual ability. In logistics, especially in time-sensitive projects, we must be connected, ensure efficient communication to achieve the expected results – same requirement that promotes this sport,” compares Quentin Margain, epGroup’s sales director.

“We have seen in Brose Bamberg Basketball team a united team from the players who star in the game to the talents who behind the curtains ensure that the team has all the tools to win. For Europartners Group, it is essential to foster and promote this mindset, which is the key to success,” he adds.

“On the other hand, sponsoring a team that started locally but with ambition and the backing of a whole wonderful Franconian city (Bamberg) made it to the big national and international leagues inspires us and reminds us of our beginnings as an organization. We share the same hunger to win and satisfy those who believe in us, and it has been   key factor to commit our talent and business partners,” concludes Quentin.

About Linkinpartner Europe GmbH, our brand in Germany

Linkinpartner Europe GmbH is an international freight forwarder and offers a wide range of transport services. The first office and headquarters were opened in 2009 in Frankfurt am Main in the heart of Europe and at one of the world’s largest airports. In the summer of 2010, the company became a recognized training company and in the same year became a member of IATA and FIATA. Since April 1, 2011, Linkinpartner Europe GmbH has also had a presence in Hamburg with its sea freight specialists. In the years to come, further branches were opened in Munich, Stuttgart and Düsseldorf.

The versatility of the company makes it possible to adapt its services individually to the respective customers and their logistical needs. Whether it is an international air freight express shipment, a sea freight project or a truck transport, Linkinpartner Europe GmbH and the Europartners Group have the know-how, the experience and the global network to transport the freight as required.

Is the Automotive Industry also a passion and a great challenge for you? Connect with us. Whenever your logistic plans require effective teamwork to succeed, we are here to be your best strategic partner and teammate!








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