Sensitive, fragile, high-value cargo transported to retailers (or even final clients) straight from highly specialized supply chains demands highly complex logistics strategies.

Every industry needs professionals specialized in each link of the supply chain. However, in a sector where the products are so frequently updated as in hi-tech, having dedicated specialized logistics teams is just vital for the solid development of business.

This week, we interviewed Victor Rodríguez, key account management leader at EP Hi-tech to share with you important details about how Europartners Group (EP) handles cargo from different hi-tech sectors.

How does your EP Hi-tech KAM team handle time-sensitive solutions?

Our experience has led us to deeply understand how complex the hi-tech industry’s supply chains are. Thanks to this, we are quite aware of how sensitive the logistics’ time management must be.

We know that any delay or mistake in delivering supplies can generate a butterfly effect that may range from a disruption in production to jeopardizing the worldwide launch of a new gadget or device.

At EP Group, we have adopted the just-in-time and just-in-sequence methodologies to our processes to guarantee the timely delivery of materials within each supply chain.

How do you deal with a flabbergasting cycle of renewals?

The gadgets are constantly being renewed and logistics must move forward at the same speed.

How many times a year do companies like Apple or Samsung have announce new products? When markets are in constant demand for new products, logistics must also be constantly renewed.

At Europartners Group, we are developing new quoting and booking technologies, to offer you different options to move your merchandise in different modalities, fast and with competitive prices.

“As products become obsolete, they must be sold quickly to make room for new models. For hi-tech companies, it is always better to go to market than to have old models in stock, generating costs. An experienced logistics team must understand this dynamic very well”, reiterates Victor.

Mr. Rodríguez, do you think specialized security measurements and 24/7 follow up are and add-on for the hi-tech industry?

Experience has shown us that hi-tech products’ high specialization and high market value, unfortunately, make them quite susceptible to theft.

Therefore, we know that it is essential to follow specialized measures in each movement, door to door, such as:

  • Using stretch film

Usually black or with a drawing that enables to detect attempts to tear the plastic film.

  • Safe logistics

Besides experience, ask for qualified logistical teams and suppliers, and a modus operandi where only the account direct executives have access to information, to avoid leakages and theft.

Can EP Hi-tech forecast bookings before the most complicated seasons of the year?

Oh, yes, we know how important it is to organize our clients’ logistics with a lot of anticipation, to protect their supply chains and keep hi-tech shipments safe. Some special days cause overbookings in almost all modes of transport.

Some of the main dates that we have targeted in EP Group are:

  • Chinese New Year (in 2021, it will be on February 12)
  • “Back to school” season in North America (June)
  • “Buen Fin” in Mexico (November)
  • Black Friday (November)
  • Cyber Monday (November)
How can EP offer the best routes?

The vast majority of hi-tech products commercialized in Mexico comes from Asia. By ocean freight, through the ports of Ensenada, Lazaro Cárdenas and Manzanillo. By air freight, usually through Ciudad de México (MEX) and Guadalajara (GDL).

“At Europartners we help our customers to ship through the best routes, always working to optimize costs and time, offering personalized advice to their specific logistical needs,” explains Victor. “We can also offer transit services, to take the merchandise to less saturated airports than the AICM, saving our customers time and money”.

When transporting hi-tech cargo, it is very important to rely on a solid partner like Europartners Group to 24/7 sure that your cargo is safe and on its way.

“Be sure that we will be handling your end-to-end logistical process in the best way, with the high level of sensitivity and security that you need”, concludes Victor Rodríguez.

If you require specialized cargo services, for regular or time critical situations, click here to contact us.