Is it really far beyond your project’s budget?

In emergency situations, this may be the best idea to avoid wasting money on fines – or even worse: losing your client!

When delivering a project suddenly becomes an urgent matter, having a Critical Cargo team at your disposal is the right thing to ensure everything will get to your clients in perfect conditions – and, ideally, in a manner that it will never occur to him/her that there was some rush involved.

Usually, our Europartner Group’s clients have three options on dedicated air freight to choose, depending on the volume of cargo to be transported:

Air Charter

The idea behind the Charter Flights is to eliminate the disruption risks that surround the big companies’ production lines.

This service uses different types of aircrafts available for the civil aviation. All have special measurements and compartments – the model chosen depends on the weight and volume of the urgent cargo.

“When we say these airplanes are ‘available for the civil aviation’, it means that the rules that apply in those cases are different from the ones that the ones that affect commercial airlines (commercial aviation)”, explains Martha González, our Europartner Group’s charter flights and on-board courier teams’ manager.

“Thereby, their operation is also different. For instance, to fly big airplanes, it is necessary to get permission to land the aircraft on a specific airport. Other point to be considered is that airports manage different timeframes for this kind of movements – so we need to request a time extension if we’re transporting cargo at night, or it may be denied. Besides that, it is necessary to coordinate international commerce procedures with the customs authority in charge”, clarifies Ms. González.

She also giveus an example: the Mexico-United States-Canada (T-MEC) region, where the most common aircrafts are Metroliners, Falcons, Lears and Shorts 360 (on the mage below, starting from the top left, clockwise), that can carry between 3,000 and 7,000 pounds.

And how about luxury airplanes, Mrs. González? “In some special occasions, especially in domestic flights, we could think about the possibility of using a luxury jet plane, to move a few boxes. But that’s very uncommon!”, says Martha.

On-board Courier

For urgent transportations of small components or boxes with less than 20 kilos, a “luxury” viable option is to request the services of an on-board courier. Reliable, attentive and very smart, on-board courier professionals have a lot of experience on domestic and international trips and can securely transport many types of materials as if they were their own hand or checked-in luggage.

Since we, Europartners Group, are a global freight forwarder, we can offer our clients a differentiated service: control tower 24/7, commanded by passionate professionals that take care of each detail on every operation, with knowledge and disposition to serve our clients, anytime.

“We’ve worked hard to create more than a simple logistics service: a positive experience for our clients”, says Mrs. Martha González.

The cement of our Europartner Group’s OBC service is communication. Once the service is requested, we open direct communication lines between our teams and our client (and/or the consignee) so everyone is on the same channel, obtaining the same information.

This way, if we detect that there’s some information missing, any risk of deviation during the operations or any other adverse situation, we have the capacity to communicate it in a timely manner. We can also act properly to reach the perfect solution.

According to our “Europartnian” policy of horizontal leadership structures, each of the professionals in charge of an OBC operation has not only the knowledge necessary to take action, but also the ownership to make the best decisions to solve any extraordinary situations.

“We work with companies in all kinds of industries. Nevertheless, urgent movements are very sensible, so we must follow the higher standards on customer service and attention, provide detailed follow-ups for each embarkment, give our clients real time visibility and location, from the moment it leaves the factory until it reaches its destination”, enlightens Mrs. Martha. “All of this together enable our clients to rest assure about the safety and control of their embarkments”, concludes.

Helicopter Sprint

In Mexico, Europartners Group’s clients have one more luxury tool available for their urgent cargo movements: a helicopter. We work hand in hand with helicopter services suppliers in the middle and the north of the country.

This kind of aircraft obviously travels with less weight than a charter flight. Nevertheless, a helicopter can transport up to 450 kilos quite fast, and that could put an end to huge risk situations that may threaten a supply chain.

The boxes are transported on the back of the helicopter – the seat is disassembled, and the cargo is placed there. Each aircraft can take packages of 113cm x 90cm x 85cm.

The service’s restrictions are the timeframe and the distances. Helicopters can only fly with daylight (in Mexico, that usually means from 7am to 7pm all year long) and they can’t fly for long distances, what makes it an excellent solution for local situations.

Did today’s article raise you any doubts or interest on the services mentioned here? Maybe you’d like to know if they’re available in your country? Contact our talents! We’re here for you.