In industries as competitive as the automotive, where maximum efficiency is required in each supply chain process, it is quite important to have an ally capable of identifying opportunities, analyzing results and designing strategies that enable perfect logistics operations. Elizabeth Sayago, our KAM Sr. Manager lets you know who that character is.

What is a KAM?

A Key Account Manager (KAM) is not only an expert in the industry they serve; this professional knows the market quite well and is aware of its latest trends. KAMs are also dedicated specialists in charge of an account (a business), that analyze their client’s data and the current market situation to design plans that enable the company to make more strategic decisions.

In logistics, the key account manager is the one who advises clients, presenting different aspects and key perceptions of domestic and international transport, leading the best decisions.

KAMs must have the knowledge, experience and skills to help companies efficiently achieve their goals.

KAMs in logistics

In logistics, a KAM must understand and improve their clients’ logistics operations in terms of routes, costs, times, etc. To accomplish that, they ought to:

A. …assess information to identify and solve logistical problems in the customer’s supply chain,

B …use planning to advise them on management and transportation issues and…

C. …help them to design distribution networks and to implement technologies.

A company’s relationship with a logistics expert such as a KAM aims to achieve organizational objectives and develop professional skills through the incorporation of new knowledge, perspectives, values, skills and know-how.

Besides, that relation also seeks to:

  • Reduce logistics costs, with higher and better levels of customer service.
  • Face logistical challenges with greater security.
  • Produce knowledge on how to face crises or risks that may arise in any supply chain process.

Europartners Group, the strategic partner for the automotive industry

Do we agree that the automotive industry and its logistics are quite complex?

If you who are reading me belong to an OEM, a Tier 1 or a Tier 2 and you are looking for a freight forwarder to manage your cargo transportation, make sure to find a specialized logistics company with expertise in the automotive logistics. Europartners Group is all of that and more.

At Europartners Group and our EP Automotive division, we understand the complexity of the automotive supply chain, as well as the challenges that come with, for example, the implementation of lean manufacturing principles and just-in-time practices in vehicle manufacturing. For this reason, we have logistics solutions that meet the needs of coordination and sensitivity at the time that the industry presents.

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A quality feature of the services that Europartners Group offers to companies in the automotive industry is the Automotive Key Account Management team.

We, the Automotive KAMs from Europartners Group:

  • master the automotive sector and…
  • …analyze in detail our clients’ supply chains to understand their most particular needs, which enables us to…
  • design tailor-made plans with that logistics solution that ensure our clients that their cargo will be available when they need it, where they need it.
  • We are empathetic and maintain precise and constant communication 24/7-365.
  • We focus on results, so we measure the performance of the work done through the organization’s most relevant KPIs.

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Comprehensive attention to the logistics needs of one of the most competitive industries in the world –the automotive industry– is a priority for Europartners Group. This is why, for more than 15 years, we have focused on being, more than a supplier, the best strategic partner in logistics for companies in the sector.

If you aren’t our client (yet), contact us right now and let’s talk about how we’ll get your supply chain logistics to its peak performance.

Picture of Elizabeth Sayago, Automotive KAM Sr. manager, author of this article