Our passion for logistics and dedication to connecting our clients to the world rewarded us with the #9 position in the ranking of Super Companies in Mexico!

In 2020, we gained four positions in the Super Companies Expansion Top Companies initiative and reached the Top 10. This time, we are the 9th company in the ranking that shows where everyone wants to work in Mexico!

From our brand promise –to be fast, friendly and dedicated– we built the foundations of a commitment to our clients, with the responsibility of continuously offering the best logistics service in Mexico and in the other 18 countries where we have stablished own offices. But we know that achieving this depends on having teams satisfied, motivated and proud of their work.

We’re fast

  • The fastest logistics experience is one of our mottos.
  • We answer in 29 minutes or less.
  • We provide customer attention from 70+ own offices all over the world, with talents always ready to offer solutions on the spot.

We’re friendly

We know that if our talents are at peace of mind, this good vibe will be relayed to our customers. To support this balance, Europartners Group encourages the creation and development of several committees managed by our employees:

  • Talent attraction
  • Balanced life
  • Social conscience
  • Diversity
  • Ethics
  • And others.

Taking part in surveys and challenges like the Super Companies/Top Companies and Top Americas also helps us to understand how we can keep continually improving.

Top Companies’ evaluation of culture and organizational climate enables us to determine the characteristics, behaviors and skills required to be a company considered culturally powerful.

“We consider very important to obtain external certifications as one of the best companies to work for in Mexico, Latin America and North America, reinforcing our employer brand and achieving the attraction of talent and recognition from clients and suppliers”, declares Monica Virgen, Europartners Group development, commitment and culture specialist.

“Having this recognition as a company, on the one hand, enables us to give a positive and attractive message about our culture and way of working with clients and suppliers”, explains Monica.

“On the other hand, talents outside of EP frequently find us at the Top Companies Awards, known as ‘the places where everyone wants to work’. Definitely, being part of the group of multinational companies that have a solid culture and a pleasant work environment is very attractive for the professionals of excellence available in the market, and it guarantees us to attract the best ones to offer excellence to our clients. Everyone wins!”, says the specialist.

We’re dedicated

To offer comprehensive, personalized and dedicated services to our clients, we make sure that our talents have all the necessary resources at hand to be superior professionals in the market.

All new collaborators participate in onboarding sessions, where they can learn about the company’s sectors, processes and everything they have at their disposal, such as educational support programs, from physical activities and language courses to postgraduate certificates.

We also have Innovarters, a program developed to boost innovation and good ideas, all as part of our EP Culture.

Top Companies

Top Companies is the world’s leading firm in diagnosing and strengthening organizational culture. In addition to building the ranking, it supports companies to establish themselves as competitive, sustainable and humane organizations.

The organizational culture and climate measurement ranking is their star product, developed in a partnership with Expansion, the most recognized business magazine in Mexico.

Topics measured by the survey:

  • Organizational culture: leadership, organizational dynamics, resilience, identification with the company, work attitude, professional growth, training & behavior models, honesty, organizational motivation, diversity & inclusion, company policies and social responsibility.
  • Organizational climate: working hours, security, stress at work, positive psychology and compensation policies.

Selection filters:

  • Score on the cultural adaptation index
  • Score in the labor relationship index
  • IPPP score delivered and documented
  • Verification of the documentation provided by the company

Watch our happy talents real answers about what defines a great company!

Our happy talent Iana Volynets tells why Europartners is a great company

You can check the complete ranking of Top Companies on Expansion Magazine August edition (in Spanish. The ranking starts on page 94).



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