Visitors to one of the most traditional events for the international transport industry experienced a great surprise. The Air Cargo Forum Miami & Transport Logistic Americas 2022 attendants met a new brand in the International Transport Market: xpd global®.

The audience that went up to booth #350 looking for any brand part of Europartners Group (a.k.a. epGroup) found a very excited team and something else…

epGroup took Miami as the root of our global rebranding strategy planned for 2023.

What’s the plan?

Becoming the best partner in time-sensitive and time-critical logistics for the engineering and manufacturing industries worldwide by 2030.

The driver of epGroup’s strategies is building exponential growth for customer success. That is why we, from epGroup, have focused our expansion on the Americas and Germany over the past 20 years, through our four brands:

EP America meets the Canada and the United States’ unique logistics requirements.

Europartners Group satisfies the most specific needs of the Latin American markets, from Mexico to Argentina, and in Spain.

Expedited America do Brasil provides personalized attention to meet the Brazilian market needs of air transport and critical cargo services.

Linkinpartner offers a world-class customer experience in Europe from local offices in Germany.

Europartners Group has four brands: Europartners, EP America, Expedited América do Brasil and Linkinpartner
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Now, our expansion plan reaches out to more regions of Europe and Asia, to offer a highly specialized logistics experience to our clients all over the world.

It’s time to take a step further.

One team, one flag

Get ready for xpd global®.

The goal is to unify the existing brands in this new chapter. One team, one flag: xpd global® will enter the market in 2023. The focus is on strengthening operational capabilities by bringing together the best customer service teams, technology, and commitment to expedite any logistics challenge when delivery times matter the most.

“Because this is a unified strategy, our clients, partners and talents will be empowered to solve logistics problems faster and more efficiently, more connected than ever, under one strong global brand. From operations to technology, we’ll evolve to be the best partner in time-sensitive and time-critical logistics for top companies around the world.” - Maria Jose Garay, epGroup’s Latin America Director
Timely and solid changes

The transition of brands will be made gradually. Each brand will follow a specific transition timeline and we will maintain close communication with our customers and partners during the rebranding process.

Our clients and business partners can rest assured that all brands will respect contracts and agreements that are in place. Your information will continue to remain safe and secure, and we’ll keep working every day to make logistics simpler and more efficient.

More information on the complete rebranding strategy of epGroup will be announced soon.

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