Forbes Magazine Mexico shows in this great article one of the main secrets for our success.

Since its founding, in 2002, Monterrey’s company Europartners Group has managed to develop a one of a kind logistics service, operating from local own offices and triumphing on global markets. What’s the secret of their success? Its talent(s).

Speed, dedication and teams highly specialized in satisfying their clients logistics’ needs. This has been the promise kept by a company that has expanded, using air, ocean and ground freights, its established expertise, quality of service and corporate values to become, in less than two decades, one of the present-day leaders when you think about logistics needs, with considerable expertise on routes, schedules, prices, delivery times and critical cargos: meet the Europartners Group.

All of that is the result not only of a non-stop implementation of logistics’ innovative solutions, but it also relies on the execution of organizational practices that generate defiant ideas and plans. Want to hear one of them? Its impressive global expansion plan. Quite meaningful to understand Europartners Group success and market leadership, its expansion plan came up from the company’s need to reach new growth horizons and to diversify its business – and the vision that yes, it could be possible. The target is to develop comprehensive logistics solutions thought for clients all over the world, providing local experience to each international embarkment – think global, care as local.

Shortly after the plan’s kick-off, the results of the challenge began to show, and the first offices outside of Mexico were inaugurated: Chile, in 2008, and Germany, in 2009.

Mr. Yona Torres, Europartners Group Latin America’s Operations director, tells Forbes Mexico how the idea came up and was further set in motion: “We took the internalization project very seriously. So, we developed a methodology to formalize a global team, responsible for and able to design and implement a robust strategy for the plan. We also based the company’s corporate development around the organic growth concept, which provides us considerable advantages, especially regarding our main asset: our talents.”

Further on, Mr. Torres emphasizes how important are Europartners Group teams for its business success: “The possibility to find the best talents in each city we stablish an office, industry experts that we bring to the ‘Europartnian’ culture, broadens our range of innovative ideas to provide excellency services to our clients, proving local care in a world-class service.”

“All of that continuously reiterates our commitment to our clients, in each of the projects and countries we work at”, points the executive, who also emphasizes that the challenge to become global is also the answer to a strategic decision, as a reaction to the hectic dynamics of a globalized world and to achieve the objectives of a “unlimited” growth.

Ever since its founding, one of Europartners Group principles was summed up in one phrase: “connecting minds to move the world”. That quote becomes especially relevant when we assess the company’s positioning today: over 60 offices in 18 countries, satisfying the needs and overcoming expectation of over 5,000 companies serviced.

Facing that background, it’s no surprise that enterprises recognized on the market as Top Companies have acknowledged Europartners Group’s expansion plan 2020 with the TOP REWARDS 2019.

Talent, the key to the future

Ms. Karla Reyes, Europartners Latin America co-director, reflects about the elements that explain the company’s prosperity today. She reveals what’s the key element to keep Europartners Group continuously growing: “Even if our strategy has been successful, we never cease searching for new tools and success stories that enable us to improve our expansion plan. We listen to our clients and suppliers, learn from other companies and turn all that knowledge into good practices.”

If connecting minds to move the world is one of the company’s principles, it’s not surprising that the 600+ talents that have success as the combustible for their everyday activities also project great plans for a near future. Opening 120 own offices all over the world up to Q4 2020 and developing the employees’ capacities and abilities are a nodal point over the strategic equation that positions an optimum growth for a company that also builds their talent’s attraction, retention, training and developing processes considering the variety of geographic sites.

On that matter, Ms. Berenice Gómez, Europartners Group Global Expansion leader, indicates that one of the company’s main objectives is placing the right people on the right positions. She also explains that the global expansion plan that has given them visibility “has been a superb project; it was made possible not only after an impeccable planning, but also due to the first-class talent available on the company. We broke the traditional management schemes: we don’t have bosses, we have leaders that share philosophies and seek to reach the purposed objectives,”, says Ms. Gómez.

With the same vision as in its beginnings (talents united to innovate), Europartners Group projects very clear objectives and its future: being the #1 freight forwarder in Latin America and reaching 2030 as the top world-wide company on critical cargo solutions. “We are already working to build our targets for 2025 and 2030. Nevertheless, we don’t stop moving: we’ll reach 2030 always inspiring ourselves to come up with challenges even bigger and new ways to make things right. We’ll reach new horizons to offer our services and grow as an enterprise, bringing our philosophy to new destinations, creating new growth opportunities and attracting to the company more valuable talents”, concludes Europartners Group Global Expansion leader.

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