Our talent engagement global leader, Fernanda Lamadrid, tells us how empowering Europartnian talents is a fundamental part of taking care of our clients.

‘Take Care of your People and They’ll Take Care of Business’

Richard Branson, Virgin CEO’s

I was happily surprised when I realized that Europartners, a Mexican company, was interested in building a capacity for engagement. I saw that Europartners understands the equation that exists between engagement, productivity and customer satisfaction.

Simply put, the key to engaging our customers is to first engage those who interact directly with them. A committed talent is more than a happy talent. Many talents may be happy with their salary; however, if money is their only motivator, they will not hesitate to walk away when there is a check with a more attractive number.

Truly committed talents, who have generated engagement, are people who become emotionally involved with the company, which means that they care about their work and exceed expectations, since they genuinely feel inspired to achieve great results.

Talent's experience plus engagement equals awesome customer experience

“It’s the people who do the work.

It’s the people who make the customer connection scintillating or sour.

It’s the people who generate the growth and profit.

It’s the people that matter – as individuals as much or more than as service providers.”

Tom Peters

Engagement doesn’t happen by chance. Companies must intentionally to generate conditions and strategies focused on the satisfaction of talents. At Europartners Group, we have redesigned the interactions our talents have with the organization, focusing on five pillars:

Relating engagement strategies with productivity and performance

We seek to reward good results and celebrate them in style, not only from the point of view of compensation –which is always important– but Europartners wants to make great achievements visible. One of the ways we do it is by celebrating the most valuable players (MVP) in the forums where all the other talents converge.

Everything starts with our leaders

The leader can be a coach promoting engagement, or a bad boss detracting it. Engaging our leaders is the first step to achieve it with our talents. From the leadership capacity, we work hand in hand with leaders, developing coaching skills, advising them and providing them with tools that enable them to manage conflicts and make timely decisions, empowering their talents development.

Focus on communication

At Europartners we promote clear and transparent communication. For us, hidden agendas are not part of the essence of every Europartnian. That is why we give visibility to our processes, decision making and feedback, even in crucial or complex conversations, from the perspective of a healthy confrontation (radical candor).


We serve our talents the way they need to be cared for. For this reason, we carry out the ‘EP Listens to You’ climate survey, to give voice to our talents concerns and attend those specific needs, in coordination with all the capacities involved.

The privilege of being adults

The relationship with each of our talents begins –from ground zero–on absolute trust. We believe that each of the Europartnian talents has the ability to make decisions and we empower them to do so. We encourage our leaders to build their relations on trust and manage their talents from their strengths and not from their opportunities.

Europartners has a diverse nature. Although we are a brand that brings excellent logistics services to our clients, we are also a brand that has grown with our talents.

Our work culture is powerful; our values ​​connect us and inspire us to move the world.

If you ask me, “what is the key for our talents to generate that engagement towards Europartners?”, I would answer that working at Europartners is a challenge that encourages us to evolve and get the best of our abilities, but we don’t do it alone. All of us, every day, have the opportunity to learn from some of the most passionate and experienced people in the industry, sheltered by an organizational culture that places EP as a Super Company.

Fernanda Lamadrid