Ocean freight is facing major challenges in the beginning of 3Q2021. Get to know how’s the market situation, rates forecast and our best recommendations.

Before the Chinese New Year, we organized a webinar to discuss the Ocean freight situation, which was already facing great difficulties allocating empty shipping containers and with the constant increase in rates.

To start the third quarter of the year (3Q2021), from Europartners Group, as your best strategic partner in logistics, we organized one more event to discuss the situations that may affect international transport and our best recommendations.

Quality information is key to protecting global supply chains against disruptions caused by the current situation in Ocean freight.

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In this video, you will get to know:

1. The context and past events that resulted in today’s Ocean freight crisis

If the global distribution of containers and the congestion in the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles (USA) was already problematic around the Chinese New Year—celebrated in February—, now the situation of imports from China to Mexico has become critical.

In March, international freight transport was also affected by the accident with the Ever Given ship in the Suez Canal.

At the end of May, confirmed cases of COVID-19 at the port of Yantian, one of the largest in China, generated further impacts to a market already facing a space and equipment crisis.

The general result is delays, higher rates, and surcharges.

Get to know the context and all its consequences watching the video here.

2. Blank sailings and cargo rolling

How are shipping companies deciding blank sailings with ships already in transit? What is cargo rolling and cut & run?

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3. Current situation in Europe

Get to know the estimated rate increase on the routes from the ports of Northern Europe (Bremerhaven, Hamburg, Antwerp, Rotterdam and Le Havre) to Mexico, surcharges that will be charged from this month on, the best way to work with shipping companies’ alliances and how the premium solutions available work.

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4. Current situation in Asia

How long will it take for all the ports affected by the Yantian closure to recover from the traffic jam crisis? What are shipping companies doing to redistribute containers? Will there be a rate increase?

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5. Situation in Mexican ports

Manzanillo, Lazaro Cardenas, and Veracruz face specific difficulties, in different intensities.

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6. Our main recommendations

As your best strategic partner in logistics, in addition to bringing you quality information on the market situation, we offer alternatives to coordinate each cargo on time, avoiding crises in your supply chain.

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