Getting an external consultancy dedicated to understanding the origin of your headaches is the most effective strategy to look after your entire supply chain’s health.

In the universe of global logistics, the only constant is change, so it is quite important to always be one step ahead if you want to ensure an optimal operations and supply flow.

Most companies have a team specialized in managing and operating their supply processes, with specific activities and with a limited scope.

On many occasions, the ongoing daily repetition of tasks, without a periodic measurement of how efficient the current responsibilities and goals are, can skew the vision and blur the ability to attend the pain points generated in operations.

Adding a strategic ally in logistics to your team will enable you to improve your business vision.

An efficient supply chain plays a transcendental role in the development and growth of any company, helping to reduce costs – and, thus, making them more competitive.

All business units in each enterprise need support for their strategic plans. Logistics can play a key role at this stage. However, in most companies that need help to grow, an external logistics consultancy is not seen as necessary. “We’ve been on the market all this time without advisory, we don’t need it”, is a terrible common phrase.

They lack the vision that being on the market is quite different from trading successfully and profitably.

An external logistics consultancy can add a significant value for organizations, without generating an economic impact. How? The best logistics solution providers, such as Europartners Group, have specific teams dedicated to specialized logistics consultancy that can carry out a deep assessment and offer a solid plan.

Advantages to rely on logistics consultancy

Why should you seek the benefit of an external resource to support you strengthen your processes and improve them?

Logistics consultants can be leveraged in any industry, line of business, or business process that has sourcing & supply operations. Some of the more interesting solutions to common pain points you can achieve implementing successful processes are:

  • Eliminating the “office numbness”.

Since the logistics consultants are not immersed in a company’s day-to-day operations, they can visualize a panorama free of daily biases from a highly specialized in logistics solutions point of view that enables them to detect opportunities that the internal team does not see anymore.

  • Bringing experience to the implementation of highly efficient logistics solutions.

A specialized logistics consultant knowledge is built over years working hand in hand with different companies, with different levels of challenge and different structures.

Gaining experience in different settings results in a broad, flexible and innovative vision adaptable to different circumstances. You can strengthen your company using what was learned from other businesses.

  • Adding a tangible value to your company

The recommendations outlined in a logistics consultancy are fully measurable through key performance indicators (KPIs), aligned to each specific need diagnosed in the case study.

You cannot imagine the number of companies that, despite having clearly identified the main challenges of their supply chain, do not support operations with technological elements to increase the assertiveness and availability of information.

The logistics consultancy method

A solid logistics consulting requires a lot of observation and communication with the teams that are under evaluation, to help you detect the origin of your headaches.

A few meetings may be part of the process, as it is extremely important for the consultant to make sure they understand your needs before they can offer you a proposal.

You can buy prefabricated furniture, kitchens, even houses and small buildings, but you should never rely in proposals for logistics development made from square models.

The logistics consultants have the right tools to diagnose and evaluate your operation’s real picture, to proceed to design a solution –or a plan, a whole strategy– customized to meet your need. A comprehensive solution, with 360° vision.

Part of this comprehensive solution is helping you to implement your own technological tools to improve your operation’s control, based on solid measurement diagnostics.

Let me tell you a real case:

“Electric vehicle startups look for logistics providers that are agile and flexible, and that can offer solutions to their most specific problems, such as the lack of processes, the lack of historical data and the high turnover rate of their products, processes and locations.”

I heard that from Amy Paulsen, Rivian’s vice-president of logistics, during a panel discussion on automotive startups’ supply chains. It is absolutely aligned with the logistics consultants mission: guiding from a company taking its first steps to those that need to retake the path to success.

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The logistics consultant gives you a plan…

…but who’ll put it into practice?

As I mentioned before, a logistics consultancy that is part of a freight forwarder company such as Europartners Group offers everything you need to find a way… and lead you there.

With a good understanding of pain points like those mentioned above and their possible solutions, consultants and logistics operations teams can work hand in hand to achieve:

  • Optimizing resources
  • Reducing logistics costs and times
  • Bringing new perspectives to your relationship with your strategic partners in many other areas of supply and distribution
  • Improving your internal communication and coordination facilitating the visibility of processes and results
  • Planning your logistics strategy in short and long terms, defining new lanes, routes and solutions
  • Improving the KPIs implemented to your complete supply chain
  • Improving existing processes and implementing new ones
  • Making the work of the teams involved with your supply chain more efficient
  • Boosting your external & internal clients trust


In Europartners Logistics, we’ve been implementing logistics solutions tailor-made to our clients’ needs over the last decade, successfully using our consultative approach process.

In all these years, we have achieved a positive impact on more than 60 companies from different sectors and lines of business, which have relied on our expertise to map their operating structure and, hand in hand with us, implementing changes, improvements and strategies to achieve a better use of their resources.

We work under the Kaysen philosophy of constant improvement. In a recent survey, we achieved 85% satisfaction with short-term results and 96% satisfaction with medium-term results. We are positioned in the market as a trusted provider and a #1 option to meet logistics needs.

However, we want more. We are working hard to be the strategic logistics ally of companies with the potential to be market leaders, but that may need an objective and efficient logistics consultancy to achieve that market distinction. Let’s grow and strengthen your supply chain together?

Picture fo Paulina Bernal, Europartner Group's director of logistics consultancy