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A corporate culture dedicated to developing and boosting talents instead of only accumulating employees. A bold expansion plan: rising from the 60+ offices in 2019 – in Mexico, U.S., Canada, Brazil, Germany and almost all Latin America – and reaching 120, before 2021. At the same time, innovating in logistics technology. And, in its history, a significant strategic decision: performing a non-stop hard work to refine support to the automotive sector’s Tiers 1, 2, 3 and OEMs.

Europartners Group has managed to position itself in some of the main automotive zones in the world with a straightforward value proposition: customer centricity.

In this edition of Cluster Industrial, we’ve interviewed four of Europartners Group automotive sector’s expert leaders.

Mr. Alexander Katsouris, the director of the Automotive Sector in Europartners Group, starts our talk with an insight about the market nowadays. “We’re going through challenging times, but each investment in Mexico opens a new business opportunity for us, and we keep showing positive numbers and a steady growth as a company”, says.

Excellency automotive logistics: EP Automotive

Around 10+ years ago, Europartners Group spotted the opportunity of satisfying the demanding needs of the automotive industry, to stand out in the market. Ever since, one of the company’s greatest competitive edges is to gather “experimented talents”, who understand perfectly the dynamics of the automotive sector, world-wide.

Uniting those strategies, the multidisciplinary division EP Automotive was created. Focusing on centralizing efforts from completely specialized teams, EP Automotive dedicates itself to respond to challenging logistics projects with the quality only a global leader can provide, and exceptional customer service.

“Our brand promise, fast, friendly and dedicated, precisely reflects what an automotive company is always seeking”, says Mr. Emmanuel Margain, regional sales leader in the North of Mexico. He reveals how they’ve reached success in the industry: “we’ve kick-started our way to the top as an automotive sector supplier when Europartners Group understood this pain-point all companies in that business share: the need to ship urgent cargo that could disrupt their production lines.”

Understanding perfectly the need for smoothness on the supply chains of the automotive sector’s clients and a customer centricity culture empowers EP Automotive to solve all challenges presented with creativity and efficiency. “We can quickly unfold a wide range of solutions tailor-made to their needs, committed to offering an option in less than 30 minutes and 24/7 follow-up”, ensures Ms. Marisabel Acosta, EP Automotive Key Account Managers (KAMs) leader.

EP Automotive predicts tendencies

A decade ago, Europartners Group successfully predicted how important it was going to be to invest in the automotive industry but has never stopped reflecting about all that could still be on its way on global logistics. The Group, that considers itself a digital freight forwarder, works now to turn itself into a digital company that transports cargo.

Still regarding technologies, Mr. Alexander Katsouris comments that an obvious global tendency that opens great opportunities for logistics companies is the fact that many mechanical car parts are being substituted for electronical ones. “That shall increase our clients’ pressure for more quality and security during transportation, side by side with more strict compliance rules,” he points out.

Talking about Mexico, the automotive leaders in Europartners Group agree that the multinational companies’ automotive cluster in the country is maturing – and that impacts the logistics sector.

“Definitely, when it comes to urgent cargo, we’re facing some important changes. The tendency on expedited times for the automotive parts supply is now being substitute for requests for more stable routes and more specific requirements”, agrees Ms. Anahí Reyna, EP Automotive commercial executive in San Luis Potosi (North-Central Mexico).

For Mr. Emmanuel Margain, Europartners Group is already a step forward in the market. “We’re working to build relationships even closer with our clients, through long-term contracts. We want to be their first-choice suppliers, not only for their critical cargo, but also for planned cargos, too,” he stablishes.

Mr. Alexander Katsouris concludes our talk mentioning the importance Europartners Group gives to the automotive industry: “we are fully committed to the problem-solving. We work hard everyday to be the leading experts regarding automotive supply chain logistics”, he explains. “Our expansion plan advances hand in hand with the strategies designed by international automotive groups,” says Mr. Katsouris.

With those targets always present, Europartners Group keeps connecting minds to move the world in the automotive industry and beyond, handling time critical or planned cargo.

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