Theft from ground units increased after the announcement of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to an analysis carried out by Business Intelligence T21 based on a study built by the security company Sensitech, 4,557 incidents of cargo theft were registered in Mexico in the second quarter of 2020 (2Q2020), 3% more than in the first quarter of the year (1Q2020), despite the reduction in cargo volume resulting from the COVID-19 contingency.

For the sixth consecutive quarter, most cases (34%) were reported in Mexico State. The ranking goes on with Guanajuato (12%), Puebla (11%), Michoacán (7%), Veracruz (8%), Jalisco (5%), Nuevo León (4%), San Luis Potosí (3%), Querétaro (3%) and Tlaxcala (3%).

Keeping your cargo protected is crucially important!

While developing a prevention plan, it is essential to identify the areas of greatest risk on your routes.

Currently –and according to the Bill of Lading issued by the Mexican Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT)– all merchandise travelling without cargo insurance is at the consignee’s expense and risk.

The carrier’s liability, under an uninsured agreement, is minimal. Their obligation is restricted to paying an amount equivalent to 15 days of the current minimum wage in CDMX, per ton.

Best practices

Some of the preventive measures you can take are:

  • Implement GPS locators in the container or truck box.
  • Ask if the carriers have installed in their units an engine immobilizer system.
  • Use container transport and cargo insurance.

In addition to the measures mentioned above, rely on us to advise you on risk management, cargo insurance for air freight, cargo insurance for ocean freight, cargo insurance for ground freight, be it for international transportation or inside Mexico.

Rest assured that we will find a solution tailor-made to your needs. We have a wide range of options to protect your merchandise.

Let’s list a few cargo insurance options:

  • Container or cargo insurance. Both can be partial or door to door.
  • “Zero deductible” coverage and options for loss or damage of the insured cargo, all adjustable to your budget.
  • General policies and cargo insurance for special equipment, such as refrigerated containers, oversized machinery or very high-cost merchandise.
  • Additional services, such as custody, GPS and alternative tracking systems.


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