Mexican berries export has a huge potential market. But what is the best way to send them to other countries?

Mexico is the world’s largest exporter of berries. Experts from Europartners foresee that, in some years, this market could be so important for the country’s economy as the international beer trade. Among the berries, the blueberry is the star of Mexican exports.

Our experts’ prediction comes from impressive numbers: between 2014 and 2018, the values negotiated on the exports of blueberry has increased by 264%. Even with COVID-19 contingency effects, market is still rising. Mexico is the third largest producer of bluberries in the world.

Considering all berries together, the numbers are even more interesting:

Berries export estimates

To support your business growing in the sector, from Europartners Group we have developed this logistical guide for such special fruits.

Is it possible to export berries from Mexico by ocean freight?

To reduce costs, the best way to export frozen blueberry is by ocean freight. Depending on the destination, the costs in logistics could be half of what you’d invest in air freight.

It is also possible to ship fresh blueberries by ocean freight, in containers with controlled atmosphere. Our specialists warn about the risks; it is important to consider the life of the product (blueberries last for 28 days). You must keep this in mind when electing an ocean shipping service, due to the transit times and the technology of the refrigerated containers.

Both for transporting fresh or frozen blueberries, the exporters have the valuable support of new technologies to monitor their cargo.

Controlling the different temperature ranges and the atmosphere, and the real time location of the cargo throughout the whole trip is possible using a Remote Container Management (RCM), a data logger that goes inside of the cargo.

Alternative – as dry blueberries do not require any type of refrigeration, ocean freight is an excellent option in terms of costs.

If you have a direct contract with a shipping company, Europartners Group’s ocean export team can advise you to help you get the most out of your negotiation. Meet our Ocean Carrier Management service!

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Do you need your berries fast? Air freight is the best choice

The air cargo infrastructure has a diversity of airlines with a wide range of capacities, routes and expertise in handling berries. As a result, exporters have the confidence and security of transporting their products with the correct rules and handling.

Counting on a reliable freight forwarder, like Europartners Group, will guarantee you get the necessary advice to determine the best routes, ideal transit times and the necessary equipment for the safe transport of your product.

In addition, our operational teams -dedicated 24/7- offer you real time traceability of your cargo, streamlining the possibility of acting in case of any contingency.

We have specialized teams available at the airports of Mexico City (MEX), Guadalajara (GDL) and Cancun (CUN), to ensure that all requirements to handling such a noble cargo are being fulfilled.

“MEX has the biggest support for volume, routes and the infrastructure of the best airlines for handling perishables; however, GDL airport has made an excellent investment in handling cold storage and cargo. GDL and MEX are the best options for exporters, for managing costs and for being close to high-production states”, reveal our experts.

Berries over the road

Ground freight is widely used to travel berries to the north of Mexico and to the United States. The berries most transported by OTR are strawberries, blueberries and cherries.

Types of berries

Mexico exports four types of berries: blackberries, blueberries, raspberry and cherries. Blackberries are very delicate to handle in all stages of their supply chain, from production to market racks, through all transport and customs services.

So, having specialized equipment ready when the cargo leaves the packing plant and all through the final destination, and the power of traceability all the way is a differential that you should look for in a good freight forwarder, like Europartners Group.

Changes in the market

On the one hand, there has been a considerable growth in the export of berries with organic product certification (without any chemical treatment). To transport these goods, it is necessary to handle the original phytosanitary documents. If it’s necessary to change something, the cargo cannot be shipped (it must be returned to the country of origin!).

On the other hand, many exporters have made important investments in the presentation of the package, so that the product can be delivered directly to customers.

How to decide the best way to export your berries?

Blueberries have a life span of 55 days. The high season goes from October to May. When you need to choose a transportation mode, this must be your major concern as an exporter -the time of transit of the fruits- followed by the rates and the availability of specific equipment.

Relying on a team of specialists in perishables so special is quintessential. All the details, from the presentation of the proposal to customer services until the end of the season, with all the attention to billing, reports and all that you require to help the export Mexican berries to be a huge success.

At Europartners Group, we work hard to be your best option when exporting berries. Our teams are trained to learn all about the berries supply chain, from the production in the field all the way to its final market, with strategic alliances of excellence.

Fun facts:

  • In Spanish, blueberries are arándanos negros and cranberries are arándanos rojos.
  • According to the National Association of Berries Exporters of Mexico (Aneberries), North America is the main destination market (97% of Mexico’s exports), followed by Europe (1.7%), Asia (0.56%) and South America/Oceania (0.04%).
  • After blueberries, the berries with the most growth potential in exports are, respectively, raspberries, blackberries, mulberries and strawberries.
  • Blueberries are extremely versatile in gastronomy. In our article today, chef Isabel Chavarín, from the Folk and L’enoteka wine bar restaurants, from Bernal (Querétaro state, in Mexico) gives us a wonderful recipe for cranberry, plum and rhubarb sauce:

Cranberry, plum and rhubarb sauce

“At Folk, we have used this sauce for our special new years’ eve dinner. We serve rye bread spread with this rhubarb and cranberry sauce and duck beef,” explains the chef. “At L’enoteka wine bar, we have it in our montaditos menu, with black forest ham (which is a slightly smoked ham), and it contrasts with the bittersweet of the sauce. We garnish it with dried cranberries, fresh basil and pomegranate. Bon apetit!”.

With information from, PortalFrutí, ElFinanceiro and Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development of Mexico.