Reading time: 2 minutes. Europartners Ecuador joins BASC’s mission to “ensure and facilitate international trade, based on trust.”

Created in 1996 to guarantee the authenticity of international commercial operations and to fight against contraband, the Business Alliance for Safe Commerce (BASC) certification is the result of a cooperation program between the private sector and authorities of 15 countries of the Americas and the Caribbean.

Now, in October 2020, Europartners Ecuador is part of the select number of companies on the continent to earn a BASC certification.

Many of the most reliable and stable companies in the market, dedicated to foreign trade, require from their commercial partners to be certified by BASC, as an added value of security to their logistics supply chain.

BASC is also a benefit for Europartners Group suppliers: by being certified, we give them the peace of mind of acting based on safe processes.

In March 2020, Europartners Colombia also received the certification. Others among our 19 countries have already started the audit procedures required by BASC.

With the certification, Europartners Group joins the efforts for a safer foreign trade.

“A world safer for trade

is a better world for all”

Europartners Ecuador Team

BASC specific objectives:

  • To encourage the implementation of a security culture for the protection of international trade.
  • To establish and manage a security and control system of its own supply chain.
  • To work in cooperation with Governments, border control agencies and international organizations.
  • To promote strategic alliances.
  • To generate confidence and credibility for companies and authorities.
  • To strengthen cooperation ties between the private sector and government.

Countries that take part on the BASC alliance

BASC countries

In 2021, Peru and Colombia also obtained the BASC certification, as part of our initiatives to be more than a cargo agent: we work hard to be your best strategic partner in logistics, safely, with solid processes and impeccably coordinating your cargo movements.